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The Authentic Beauty of Luxury Vinyl

Never sacrifice beauty for practicality when you can have it all with a new set of luxury vinyl flooring from Ideal Carpets & Interiors Ltd Flooring Canada. Enjoy the earthy and warm ambiance of a solid wood floor or the polished gleam of ceramic from our beautiful luxury vinyl products. Luxury vinyl is built with a strong wear layer with digital imaging technology that can mimic an authentic look while offering enhanced comfort and durability. Browse our large store’s collection of vinyl floors in different colors, patterns, and price points.

Stop by our showroom at any time to chat with our in-store associates. Our friendly and experienced team makes the process simple and enjoyable for you. From product selection to home measurement, we provide comprehensive services. Additionally, our technicians are available for professional installation services following the purchase of your new luxury vinyl floor. Our nationwide 500-store buying power enables us to provide low-cost flooring from a wide variety of high-quality manufacturers. As the area’s top flooring provider, just some of the brands we carry include:

  • Spotlight Values
  • Genua
  • Core Elements
  • Galvanite
  • Downs H2O
  • Shaw
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Planking Available Near You

While traditional sheet vinyl is installed in thin strips that are adhesively applied to your subfloor, luxury vinyl is made in a sturdy tile or plank. While luxury vinyl tile (LVT) looks like a traditional square tile, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) replicates a hardwood plank. Understanding the benefits and distinctions between the two is important in selecting the best flooring option for your goals. Both provide a scratch, heat, water, and stain-resistant surface.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Create aesthetic appeal in any room with luxury vinyl tile. Available in many varieties, LVT gives residential and commercial customers limitless choices when they want new floors. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or other high-moisture areas, replicate the stunning look of ceramic or porcelain with this comfortable option. Our LVT is produced to resemble the depth and realism of tile that will convince even the most observant guests. In addition, this flooring product is easier to install than many other flooring types too. While many choose this option specifically for a ceramic or marble look wood-look LVT is available as well.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

One of our most popular products, luxury vinyl plank is the perfect compromise for families who would prefer a hardwood floor but are seeking further comfort and longevity. With a softer feeling underfoot, LVP can withstand the spillage, heat, and foot traffic that could lead to warping in natural wood floors. LVP’s top layer is created using advanced photographic technology that ensures a beautiful product that captures attention. Shop the rich red hues of mahogany, or perhaps the pale, soft tones of birch and oak from our LVP catalog.

A Waterproof & Low Maintenance Option

Vinyl floors are often selected for their extreme resilience. Capable of withstanding a high impact, our luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for active households Similar to sheet vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is water-resistant and can sustain high-moisture areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. This makes for easy cleanup with spills and liquids. Options include non-wax, urethane, and enhanced urethane. Each type provides beneficial qualities. Enhanced urethane stands up to scratches, dirt, and cleaning solutions. Cleaning can be done by vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping weekly. We always encourage consulting your new floor’s warranty before using a cleaning product that contains harsh chemicals which could damage the wear layer. For extra waterproof assurance, browse our Downs H2O collection.

Utilize Our Professional Installation Team

After making your selection, allow us to install your new floor quickly and accurately. We are confident that you’ll enjoy your new floor for years to come. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, give us a call within 30 days of installation and our team will replace it for free. Our lifetime installation guarantee covers any installation-related problem you may have with your floor. Avoid mistakes from amateur craftsmanship and utilize our expert team. Our technicians have years of experience and have installed every type of flooring we offer.


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