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When you want an instant increase in a room’s appeal, there’s no better option than our top-notch area rugs. In St. Paul, AB, Ideal Carpets & Interiors, Ltd. carries a wide range of products that add character and comfort in any room. From expansive living area rugs to smaller options for more intimate spaces, we have your floors covered with an extra layer of protection and style.

With one purchase, you can modernize surrounding décor and highlight the features you’re most proud of. Do you have cluttered furniture? Section things off and create a visual distinction between spaces by using a solid-color creation. Going for a more open concept? Spruce it up and keep visual appeal at a maximum with an eye-catching multi-color area rug. For every room, season, and situation, we have the right rug to add to your aesthetic.

Flair and Protection All in One

Our products are more than a visual improvement. They also put something between heavy foot traffic and your valuable floors. Easier to clean and less costly than a fully carpeted room, this extra amount of cushion keeps guests comfortable while preserving the features that define your home design. Plus, they pair perfectly with a wide range of flooring, including:


Quality You Can Count in Every Fiber

Our modern rugs hold up under the pressures of time and wear. Carrying the industry’s top brands from manufacturers known for their long-lasting luxury, our showroom is the best place to compare colors, textures, and designs knowing that any purchase you make is well worth the investment. We deliver the best rugs in the business because our customers deserve an exceptional accent to their flooring and décor.

Most importantly, our consistent high quality ensures that you can choose your favorite product, not just the one that seems most well-made. That means complete freedom as you shop. Let your personality and style guide you as you choose between simple, sophisticated, and stunning options in one convenient location. Whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary area rugs, find the best addition to your room with our help.

We maintain a dedicated team of in-store experts who offer product and design advice when you need it. That way, professional interior decorators and first-time homeowners alike have the knowledge they need before they buy. Experience our customer commitment and vast selection by stopping by when you’re ready to find your ideal rug.

Contact us today for more information about our area rug selection. We proudly serve St. Paul, AB, and the surrounding areas.

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